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What is nostr?

Welcome to the world of nostr. It will be the new Social Media: A decentraliced revolution of the social networks. We want to give you a short summary of what Nostr is and how to use it.
Nostr is an abbreviation meaning: Notes and other stuff transmitted by relays. Nostr is a protocol, designed for simplicity, that aims to create a censorship-resistant global social network.
It is an open decentralized social network, where you own your identidy, content and your data.
The protocol is based on very simple and flexible event objects. So you need a nostr key for access and you can log in with any client (that means a kind of access or an app).
Comparing to Twitter and other Social Media Networks, no one, person, group or algorithm can shadowban, censor or deplatform you. ➡️ Nostr is not a platform, is it an protocol. It's more like Bitcoin or the Internet itself, rather than other socialmedia plattforms like facebook
Nostr is free to use and you are not the product.
Nostr Apps like Damus (Ios), Amethyst (Android) along with web clients don't collect any personal data. You don't need a name or an email adress to use Nostr.
You just randomly generate keys which you can use across any Nostr application.
Your puplic key is your unique username. (Example:...=
Your private Key is like your passwort and entrance to your nostr client. But be careful! There is no "passwort" to reset it, if you loose it.
So, make sure, to keep it safe.
Are you ready to hop on the nostr train and learn about all facets of the decentralized network? Maybe there come a lot of questions along. On that website we try to solve and answer them.