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6. Send your first Zap

We almost arrived the end of our guide with the most important steps through the current app.🤓 Last but not least we set up the Zap function.

1. Step

Back at the Home Screen. Go to any post you like to support and click on the Zap ⚡️ Icon.

2. Step

Before you are able to send your first Zap, you need to set a default Zap amount first.

3. Step

Click on the settings Icon. Choose an default amount for one Zap.

4. Step

Now it is possible to send a Zap. Go back to Step 1 and go to any Profile you want to support. Click Ok.

5. Step

Go to your Home Screen.
Well done! 👏💪🏻 You mastered all your first steps through the Current App. ⚡️⚡️⚡️
Last modified 8mo ago