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5. Top up the wallet

What about the wallet and the domain/email address we were talking about where you can send and receive your first sats? 🏧

1. Step

Click on the Wallet Icon to see your balance. You can send and receive sats there as well. Also you are able to see all your last transactions in the current app.

2. Step

First you need to "top up" your wallet. Therefore, first click on Receive.
There you can add the amount and, if you wish a short "memo" to the transaction.

3. Step

After you entered an amount, an invoice has been created. A QR code appears. You have to click on the QR-Code so that you can copy the address and open and paste it into another Lightning Wallet of your choice.

4. Step

Open any Lightning Wallet of your choice to send the money to your current Wallet. In this case you see the Bluewallet. Paste the QR Code in the empty text box and click pay.
Note! Bluewallet will not support Lightning Payments anymore after the Ende of April 2023.Make sure that you withdraw all your money from your wallet. It is just to showcase reasons. Every other lightning Apps/wallet has the same function of receiving and sending sats.

5. Step

As soon as your payment has been sent, Bluewallet shows this with a tick and you can return to the Current App / Wallet.

6. Step

Now you see that the amount already arrived. You can pay / send Zaps to your friends or you can use the wallet like any other lightning wallet to pay bills.