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1. Create a new account

Let's get you started...! With the first steps you will learn how to create a new account on the current app.

1. Step

The first step with Current is very easy. Download the Current app at your phone

2. Step

Current is starting
After you have downloaded the Current app, you are welcomend in the app and a question appear:
You should be asked: "Do you want to create a new key-pair or import an existing one?"
It depends if you already have an existing account and Nostr nPup...or not?
Let's assume that you are completely new and start your Nostr Journey with the Current App.
Click Start fresh
Welcome to Current app

3. Step

Now you need to read and accepted the EULA. (End-user license agreement)
If you want to know exactly what EULA means, click on the link here.
Accept EULA

4. Step

Once you accepted the EULA, you will see your 12 backup words. You need to write these down and keep them safe. Your 12 backup Seed Words are important for accessing and restoring your account and in case you ever log out.
Note! You can display your backup words at any time in your settings, when you are logged in.
Write down your Backup Seed words

5. Step

Next you choose an username and your lightning adress.
Note! Your username can be used to find you on nostr, but also to receive lightning payments on the lightning networks.
Choosing an username

6. Step

Choose your username, that looks like a domain or email adress. Based on your preference you can pick the domain choice you like.
Username looks like a domain

7. Step

Wait a few seconds until everything is set up for you.